Root Radical Community Shared Agriculture (CSA): Fresh, local, seasonal produce from the Kingston area


We are busy getting ready for the 2018 growing season!

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photo credit: Andree Thorpe

How it works

Our farm products are sold through the CSA model, which means the people who eat our food become members by buying a share and paying in advance for fresh organic vegetables from our farm.

When committing to our farm, our members acknowledge that due to weather conditions and other factors beyond the control of the farm crew, there is a degree of risk involved in the CSA model. They agree to share in both the season’s abundance and its risk.

Keep in mind that, despite the risks, with conscientious management we have been able to consistently deliver good value and excellent quality in local organic vegetables since 2007.

Member participation

We believe that the future of healthy, ecologically sane and affordable food production depends on eaters changing the way they look at agriculture and getting involved in growing their food.

The three basic member commitments for Root Radical CSA are:

• You pay in advance for your vegetables.
• You pick up your share every week during the allotted time and make arrangements for weeks when you are away.
• You help the CSA improve by providing feedback.

In exchange our commitments to our members are:

• We provide high quality organic vegetables, delivered to a convenient urban location.
• We provide, on our website and in our regular newsletters, tips and recipes for storing and using the vegetables.
• We provide opportunities for members to become more involved in the farm through on farm events.
• We work to understand member feedback and respond to make improvements where necessary.

For more information about our CSA shares click on "Vegetables" or keep reading below to find out what our members think about their CSA...

What our members are saying:

“I cannot say enough about how your vegetables have CHANGED MY LIFE. I feel healthier than ever before, love my food more than ever before, am excited by all the new FLAVOURS to SAVOUR. I'm an absolute convert and can't wait to start again next season.”

"The food is excellent, reliable, and copious."

"The veggies are so, so delicious. I have incorporated veggies into almost all my meals on a daily basis. Great health benefits, have lost weight, enjoy cooking."

“From a family perspective, the best part of the CSA is raising our children to understand the importance of locally grown nutritious food and how hard farmers work to provide families with this food.”

"The vegetable variety is great, veggies are healthy and well-washed, newsletters and emails are very helpful and timely."

"My 3 year old daughter said the lettuce was the best she'd ever had. "It's SO delicious, can I have some more?"

Click here to read more comments from our CSA members...

For more information about our CSA shares click on "Vegetables".