Root Radical Community Shared Agriculture (CSA): Fresh, local, seasonal produce from the Kingston area

More of what our members are saying:

"Discovering the contents of my weekly basket was like opening a present!"

"I keep meaning to write you to let you know how much we are enjoying all the veggies!! I have never seen my kids enjoying their greens this much! It's been such a treat and we are excited every week to pick up our share and see what there is. So wonderful, thank you so much - it's all been a huge hit around here."

"Lots of healthy organic veggies with one stop per week, instead of searching multiple stores."

"Affordability. sliding scale option -- something for Root Radical to be proud of! Supporting local farmers and local food being grown in environmentally responsible ways. Also, a very organized CSA that responds promptly to correspondence."

"Produce lasts longer than store bought. "

"Our kids were very open to trying some new things, and were usually excited each week to see what I had brought home. We usually ate everything in our share, finding it to be the right amount for a family of 4. And good value for our money."

"It really is something we look forward to every week... I consider it such a treat. We are all so much healthier and happier knowing about our food and eating well. And as far as cooking goes, it provides me with much-needed inspiration and creativity to cook new things, focus on the veggies, and generally eat more green stuff! I very much appreciate all of your very hard work year round."

"When I asked about a 1/2 share and you put me together with someone else. It was wonderful. I got to meet and know a new family and also had just the right amount of veggies every week. Thanks so much!"

"So fresh, can't be beat! Amazingly clean, requiring only a quick rinse... which is a huge, practical time saver. My kids now prefer vegetables to meat, hands down."

“We're eating so much better, ensuring all the veggies get used up every week. Everything has been so tasty, so fresh, and so much better than from the supermarket. We've also discovered some new things we hadn't eaten before (who knew kohlrabi was so yummy ... even my almost 3 year old loves it raw!).”

photo credit: Andree Thorpe

“We enjoyed some of the greens for supper tonight and have plans for other delicious veggies from the box for every night this week! Thanks for keeping us happy and healthy!”

"I'm so grateful that my daughter's first solid foods were fresh, local, and delicious. I'm proud that she has always had loads of wonderful veggies in her diet because she was born a Root Radical CSA member. We are all healthier eaters overall because of our veggie share."

"Can't imagine my springs, summers and falls without it. I kind of forget life before the CSA. Such a great way to eat during these seasons."

"Thanks so much for offering the CSA in our community. Our family eats better quality more nutritious food because of your business. It's hard to think of how to continue to improve. Each year we have a great variety and large pick-ups. I like the locations and timing of the pick-ups as well."

"At least for the first year, it's like Christmas every Tuesday. I love the fact the veggies are local and organic. I eat so many more vegetables because they're 'forced' on me weekly. I also loved finding new vegetables I'd never had - left to my own shopping, I'd never pick up fennel or kohlrabi. They were new and tasty experiences."

"It feels like the right way to enjoy really good vegetables. I like being surprised by what's in a given weekly share and planning my meals around what's available that week."

"So many things are great - knowing that my food is coming from a sustainable local source, feeling that I am contributing to the type of world I want to live in directly, and knowing that I will have delicious, healthful vegetables each week. I also love learning more about growing food from Emily, listening to the stories of the ebb & flow of the cycle of growing through her and via the newsletters and feeling like no matter how hectic life gets, I am still, in a small way, connected to the natural cycles, rhythms and paces of the seasons. I also enjoy the variety and challenge of figuring out what to do with the foods I wouldn't necessarily buy otherwise. The other thing I realized this year is that the cost is very fair and affordable."

"The wholesomeness of the whole bunch of you! I love that it truly is a family run farm, from the dairy cows to the CSA. It really shows that you guys are the future of sustainable living!"

"We had to email right away to say a huge thanks for those greens. The kale is so sweet… amazingly good! My kids gobbled it raw right away. The other greens were excellent too. What a treat on a cold March night! I had a rump roast from your parents in the slow cooker all day which was a perfect combination with the greens. It was our lucky night!"

"The arugula is fantastic! What a treat to have fresh and delicious greens in the dead of winter."

"I just checked out your recipe index and *love* it! I'm so loving being part of this CSA. And I haven't even picked up any vegetables yet!"

"Our little garden is thriving and every time we come up with a challenge, I think of you. Your challenges are are on a much larger scale and so much more at stake! Congratulations for mastering them! I just feel I have to acknowledge your work and thank you for it."

"I'd like to say that the CSA experience has been a fantastic one for us! We're really happy we participated and look forward to many more years of local delicious veggies and greens!"

photo credit: Andree Thorpe

"I so appreciate all that you, Aric, Root Radical do, to bring us such beautiful, organic, vegetables each week. There is so much care and consideration in how things are washed and boxed and organized for each of us. Everything is always so clean, so beautiful. And there is always so much variety. And everything tastes *so* good"

"We would like to say how much we enjoyed being part of the CSA- every part of the membership was perfect!"

"You are incredibly good at your job. We can't thank Root Radical enough for the delicious food, your transparency, your approach, and all the incredibly hard work those on the farm put in to feed lucky folks like us."

"This is the best thing we've ever discovered-- we are eating better and love supporting our local farm. The supermarket lettuce is almost inedible compared to what we've been enjoying the last 6 mos. thank you Emily and Aric and all the team there."

"This was our first year. We were very impressed with the overall quality and variety. We ate much healthier this summer and without immediately realizing It, I have found that I lost 10 lbs (I think just from eating better)."

"We have loved being a part of Root Radical CSA and always look forward to getting beautiful vegetables throughout the summer. Because we don't necessarily know what we will be getting week to week, we have been forced to experiment with different recipes and eat different vegetables, which has expanded our horizons in terms of cooking. Can't wait until next year!"

"The quality of vegetables is fantastic and on top of that, they're local and organic. We really enjoy the challenge of making something new every week with the vegetables we get."

"I like supporting local food producers. I also really like the convenience and ease of fresh, organic veggies."

"Wonderful selection and amount of clean vegetables. Emily and the team are very responsive and do their best. I've had the joy of recommending Root Radical to friends over the years, and seeing them very happy with being a member."

"Love the fresh food a bike ride away!"

"The flavour of the veggies is totally awesome. Truly wonderful to have garden fresh produce delivered weekly with such variety and abundance."

"Amazing locally grown produce!! What could be better?! So wonderful to try out new recipes and eat food when it is in season. Fun for the kids too - they love picking up the share and helping to plan meal ideas around what we receive."

"I would say that last year was even better than our first two years with Root Radical. You are always improving!"

"We love knowing our farmer and where our food comes from. We really love being able to help at the farm! Emily is great. She is knowledgeable and friendly and we really like her."

"I love that you have a lot of different greens because we really make a lot of salads."

"The vegetables are delicious and Emily and her family are professional and helpful."

"Your veg is always fresh and oh so tasty. And bountiful!"

"I feel healthier and more resistant to illness. I love eating things that reflect the time of year. Its better for my organs."

"The potatoes and the lettuces are the best I've ate in my entire life! They were by far my favorite things I got to enjoy. The potatoes revived my soul, spirit and Irish heritage. They were a great source of comfort to me when I had a hard day. I looked forward to having my dinner because I knew that the potatoes would replenish and sustain me. As a result, they became the most important thing in my diet and are now my favorite vegetable of all time. Thank goodness for the potatoes, words cannot express how grateful I am that you grew them."

"Well, I just thought that everything looked perfect. The vegetables were like paintings of vegetables like you would see in an art book. The flavors were the loveliest for each type of that vegetable I've ever had."

"I was always happy with the quality and amount. You did a great job."

"We always found the vegetables to be extremely fresh and high quality. We were very happy with the quality."

"Absolutely excellent - love the fact that they come well washed and would not want to give this up ever."

"This was my first CSA. What a great experience! So happy with my shares and the quality of food. I bragged about it whenever I could -- Facebook, friends, co-workers. I talked about it so much that two of my co-workers joined CSAs themselves."

"Fantastic quality thanks to a fantastic farmer with a fantastic team. Thank you for another wonderful season!"

"Thanks for the awesome food. We love it! Keep up the hard work!"

"The veggies are delicious and fresh every week."

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